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Cat Serenade in G Minor

Dear Softy,

You know I love that song*, and I looove when you sing to me. But I've considered the lyrics and amended them so that I can sing it to you.

And if you call,
I will answer
And if you fall,
I'll lick your nose
And if you pet
This silky coat
I'll purr for you

But I'm warning you
Don't ever do
Those crazy human things that you do (liek da vet, wtf softy?)
If you ever do,
I promise you,
I'll be the first to poop in your shoe
Now it's time to prove
That you've come back here
To feed me.

Feed me.

Feed me!

Note from human: Cookie's a sap for everything I sing to him, but Barenaked Ladies' Call and Answer is his current favourite, replacing my mangled BOOTIFUL AN' PURRFECT version of Que Sera, Sera. However, today he started mewing along; a new development, and I've been curious as to what his version is... ITZ A SONG AN' A WARNIN TOO.

Further note from human: He never lets me get through a 'Note From Human' without his input. Apologies. y? im sure dey luv mah curreckshuns. but i cant uze humin spellinz an gramber wen i has no time. also, u has a virus on ur elektrix box. want me to ficks? It's cool. I got it.
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