balivatn (balivatn) wrote in note_from_cat,


Big things!

Big kat says i needs to be carful typings, but i don't noes how to spellz gud. I only...umm... tree...munths? Keep hearing hissy noise when paws on typeything.

Y big kat no play wif me? I goes and gives sniffs and paw at tail, and big kat just get grumpy and jump high. No let me jump high, though, keeps swatting at me. If big kat no want play, why big kat use paws? And have twitchy tail?

But u gives me good noms. U should give me more noms, tho. I has to meer a lot for my noms. Or you could let me eat big kat noms - she no finnish. You say dere's medisines in her noms, but I smells chicken, so I should eats.

No more clippy things on clawses, pleeze. R scary, and I needs clawses to climb post and play with big kat.

But u can give more chasey mouseys. And pickupcuddles when is bedtime.


PS - Why big kat have pitcher and me not have pitcher? I use blinky fuzzy mouse now, but you should get me pitcher to use.
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