spiralsong (spiralsong) wrote in note_from_cat,

Dear Mama

Dear Big Hairless Funny-smelling Mamacat-person,

I am askairt of stormz, an' there has been lots of dem lately! It thunderboomered and lightninginginginged yesterday an' you weren't home to protekt me! An' den it is upposed to do more of dat tonight! I tryed to get you to stay home wif me dis morning, but you said you had to go to dat wrrk plaze to make moneyz to buy foods for me an Kanji. But I wanted you to stay home! An now you are home an' the stormz are coming an' I want to protekt you from dem, but I am askairt so I am unner the bed. You will come hide unner the bed wif me if stormz get too bad?

Merlin the Warbling Farthead
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